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  • Are you interested in the K-pop ?

    Are you interested in the K-pop ? Thesedays , many foreign people like the K-pop. You do  ? How about the song of PSY ? 😀 I’m telling you , the way easily to access to the K-pop . They have various segments in English and many songs you can listen every Monday through Sunday. Of course , you can requset songs you want to listen from the show . Visit the website and You can download the application on your samrt phone for ...

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  • Mool Hoe

    Korean food , 물회 (Mool Hoe)

    Korean food , 물회 (Mool Hoe)   I am going to tell you guys , Korean special food , Mool-hoe( Mool-hoi). This is one of delicacies here in South Korea in Hot Summer . We have it to mix various vegetables with cold water . The main ingredient is usually raw fish but it depends on the religion or restaurant . Some restaurants use kind of shells . Each area or restaurant have unique ingredients and special tastes . It comes from Jeju island first . ...

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