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  • using chopsticks

    Food Culture] using Chopsticks

    Food Culture] using Chopsticks   Usually the people live in Asia countries use chopsticks when they have a meal or cook. Korean are also . To use chopsticks, the lower chopstick is stationary, and rests at the base of the thumb, and between the ring finger and middle finger. The second chopstick is held like a pencil, using the tips of the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and it is moved while eating, to pull food into the grasp of ...

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  • Pajeon (green onion pancake) :

    Pajeon (Green onion pancake)

    Pajeon (Green onion pancake) Pajeon is kind of the Jeon. In the rainy day , many Koreans One of the best things is Jeon . The Jeon is Korean Pan cake or Pizza .  It is important food for  Korean holiday or big party. We usually have the Jeon with Mak-geol-li(Rice wine) in the rainy day . The Korean pan cake include flour is really good in Humid day. If my friend from other country rainy day I would go out ...

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