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  • Food Culture] using Chopsticks

    Food Culture] using Chopsticks

    Food Culture] using Chopsticks   Usually the people live in Asia countries use chopsticks when they have a meal or cook. Korean are also . To use chopsticks, the lower chopstick is stationary, and rests at the base of the thumb, and between the ring finger and middle finger. The second chopstick is held like a pencil, using the tips of the thumb, index finger, and middle finger, and it is moved while eating, to pull food into the grasp of ... Read More »
  • Healthy alcohol, Mo-ju

    Healthy alcohol, Mo-ju

    Healthy alcohol , Mo-ju   After having a lot alcohol , which food do you usually eat for relief a hang over ? Many people have the way to cure a hangover their own . Some Koreans want to eat spicy food , some people have food based on flour like Pasta , Burger or Pizza. Or someone has rice with watery soup. he food can be helped for soothing your stomach. Here the special or weird way to chase ... Read More »
  • Dopiansa Temple
  • Mureung Velly in Winter
  • A flock of sheep farm in Gangwon-province
  • Next to the Jeju , the small island 우도(Woo-do island)
  • Seodaemun Prison History Hall
  • Yongduam in Jeju Island
  • Woljeongsa Temple
  • Yangpyeong, Korean photographers’ favourite place to take photos
  • Saraoreum Lake (in Mt. Hallasan National Park)
  • Chojijin Fort
  • Bronze bell of Sangwonsa Temple
  • Seoul Lantern Festival 2013
  • Gandaengi Maitreya Buddha Statue
  • Smart Tour Guide
  • Korean Autumn Colours
  • The 40th Anniversary Monument of Gojong’s Enthronement
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