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    I like playing Korean instruments. When I was child, I learned how to play the piano , Gayageum(12strings) and Jang-goo(a percussion) which are kind of Korean traditional instruments.   Now , I learn how to play Haegeum which has two strings and used a bow to make sounds. It is too hard to play it right because make lots of sounds using  just two srtings !! I’ve practiced for 2years , but sounds are not good . Too sad story , huh ? Even ...

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  • Transportation

    Public Transportation System

    Public Transportation System  I think your first area to go sightseeing would  be Seoul in Korea . Because it is the Capital of South Korea ! From the Incheon International Airport, you can move somewhere by metro , bus and taxi(I don’t recommend the taxi due to expensive ) . I think the best way to downtown is by subway . If you know exactly where you go to you can get on and off the train would be not ...

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