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  • Bronze bell of Sangwonsa Temple

    Bronze bell of Sangwonsa Temple

    Bronze bell of Sangwonsa Temple National Treasure No.36 This bell, believed to be the oldest and most elegant of Korea’s extant bells, was cast in 725 during the reign of Songdok- (r.702~737) of Shilla (57 B.C~A.D. 935) and brought to Sang-Wonsa in 1469 during the reign of King Yejong (r. 1468~69) of Choson (1392~1910). It is typical of ancient Korean temple bells. The dragon-shaped suspension ring, the flue pipe beside it that protrudes from the body of the bell to ... Read More »

    I like playing Korean instruments. When I was child, I learned how to play the piano , Gayageum(12strings) and Jang-goo(a percussion) which are kind of Korean traditional instruments.   Now , I learn how to play Haegeum which has two strings and used a bow to make sounds. It is too hard to play it right because make lots of sounds using  just two srtings !! I’ve practiced for 2years , but sounds are not good . Too sad story , huh ? Even ... Read More »
  • Let’s have a drink on Friday !

    Let’s have a drink on Friday !

    Let’s have a drink on Friday !   Finally , We are on Friday , yeah !!!!   Do you like drinking alcohol ? I like it . LOL.  :D When I was 20 , it was first time to drink the So-joo , Korean liquor. At that time, I didn’t understand the reason why many people have like this too heavy and strong alcohol . Also, I didn’t know the tasty just I had it with my friend . ... Read More »
  • Next to the Jeju , the small island 우도(Woo-do island)
  • Seodaemun Prison History Hall
  • Yongduam in Jeju Island
  • Woljeongsa Temple
  • Yangpyeong, Korean photographers’ favourite place to take photos
  • Saraoreum Lake (in Mt. Hallasan National Park)
  • Chojijin Fort
  • Seoul Lantern Festival 2013
  • Smart Tour Guide
  • Korean Autumn Colours
  • The Seoul Eulalia Festival
  • Dongdaemoon shopping area
  • Night View under the Seongsan Bridge
  • Jinjuseong Fortress
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